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    Something Fishy’s going on!

    November 6th, 2017 by and tagged , , ,


    The children couldn’t believe their eyes when they arrived at Nursery today …they discovered some fishes leading in to cupboard!
    We discussed where they thought these may have come from.

    Two of the children were selected to follow where the fish led them.

    At the end of the trail of fishes the children opened the door and there stood a penguin with a letter which said

    To Nursery

    I’m a lost penguin please can you help me

    Love Pip x

    The children thought how we could help Pip the penguin.

    “We need to find his Mommy and daddy”
    “He will be sad without his mom and dad won’t he”

    So we decided we were going to make found pictures of Pip and hang them around school to see if anyone can help find his mom and Dad.

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