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    A present from Pip

    November 7th, 2017 by

    Today when we came into nursery we found a present waiting for us.
    Hmmm I wonder who this could be from?

    “Maybe it’s from Santa”

    The children listened attentively waiting for another child to take the wrapping off the present.

    “It’s really shiny, like a Christmas present”

    “I think It’s from Pip the Penguin”

    “That’s cause we looked after pip, that’s kind”

    “There penguin books”

    During small group time we sat and read our new books
    It was called Lost and Found, which was all about a penguin who was lost and very lonely.

    “I will look after Pip, then he won’t be sad”
    “I’m gonna feed him some fish cause he likes fish don’t he”

    The children enjoyed reading Lost and Found and talked all about the South Pole where penguins live.

    Great work everyone!

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